Our Providers

Our statewide network of participating dentists and dental specialists is a proprietary network. We contract with group practices as well as individually owned offices. Our dentists are treated as clients. We maintain personal relationships with the dentists and dental office staff to ensure a better office experience for our members.

All participating dentists agree to provide services in accordance with the prevailing professional standards of the dental profession, to maintain malpractice insurance and general and premises liability insurance. 

All participating dentists must also pass our strict credentialing guidelines before being added to the network and periodically during their participation.

We provide customized recruitment based on member requests. Dentist nominations are pursued immediately and we are able to add eligible dentists to the network within 30 days. To nominate a dentist that does not currently participate with Florida Dental Benefits, please contact our Customer Care Department at (305) 674-7900. 

Please confirm that the dentist participates with Florida Dental Benefits and your specific plan before obtaining services. Dentists shown are general dentists. To find participating specialists please contact our Customer Care Department.