About Florida Dental Benefits

Florida Dental Benefits is a majority women owned business focused solely on providing quality dental benefits products.  For us, ancillary benefits are our top priority, not a secondary product offering.

Our experienced founders understood the need for a competitive alternative to the current dental benefits market. Our regional focus provides operational knowledge and financial advantages that we pass along to our clients. Our staff, management and ownership have a combined managed dental care experience of over 70 years. Our experience includes the administration of dental benefits for municipalities, employer groups, HMOs, associations and government plans. 

Florida Dental Benefits focuses on oral health prevention, maintenance and accessibility to quality affordable dental care throughout Florida. We understand the role that dental health plays in the overall health and wellness of an individual. We provide a range of plans that meet the needs of our clients and members. There are never any deductibles, annual maximums, or waiting periods with our dental HMO plans. 

Preventive procedures and pre-existing conditions are covered, subject to exclusions and limitations. Each plan comes with a benefit schedule that fully details covered procedures and out of pocket costs. Our plans list the most commonly used procedures with the most updated procedure codes and descriptions.  

Florida Dental Benefits also offers a full range of dental plan options through our PPO partnerships with A+ Best rated companies. Flexible benefit options are available including: traditional and lifetime deductibles, annual maximums with automatic annual increases and multiple year rate guarantees. Additional benefit options include PPO, MAC plans, traditional indemnity, executive carve out plans as well as vision plans. 

Our customer service is a major differentiating factor. We believe in a high touch approach to service. We go above and beyond for our clients and members. We provide assistance from choosing a dentist that meets the individual needs of the member to reviewing treatment plans and expediting appointments and referrals to specialists when needed. We offer on-site support to address any concerns, questions and issues and to educate members on features of the plan. We promote health and wellness by assisting with annual fairs; coordinating with our wellness partners and employers.